Jewelry Care & Quality Control

Hi all! 

Jewelry care is important. Our pieces are not always the same and each of them our pieced and designed by our very own Maddie.

We recommend cleaning your jewelry every 30-60 days days with water and soap. It's important to clean off dust and other natural oils from ourselves or things around us. Our jewelry should not tarnish for 3-5 years if worn consistently but some Kindology wearers are more consistently active wearings items than others which can cause dulling. We are not able to diagnose acidic individuals.

Please try and take off jewels when entering the pool or salt water environments.  Chlorine can cause dulling and take away the shine from the pieces(s). We recommend to take off your jewels when sleeping or long resting horizontal states as they might tangle causing pinching of the chains making them susceptible enough for breakage.  


Always here to help, and always with love! 

Maddie & the Kindology team :)